Coral Castle And The Mystery Of Edward Leedskalnin

Coral Castle is an impressive stone monument that firmly stands in Florida, just south of Miami.

Like the pyramids in Egypt, Coral Castle is a mind bender, the nature of its construction plaguing the brightest among us. And it will most likely remain so - at least until someone convincingly is able to recreate it using the same tools that were used by its designer, Edward Leedskalnin.

Some people say that his grandfather was an inspiration in this respect, and that Ed may have been given special information handed down to him - information that contained the secret of the great pyramid builders in Egypt.

From the way it looks, floating objects in the air is not left entirely to magic after all. What about the construction of the Coral Castle by a single man, with its heaviest stone block material reaching up to 30 tons? And yes, Edward Leedskalnin did not use cranes to build his castle. That just goes to prove that there are a lot of facts yet to be discovered about magnetism and the force of nature.

Many wonder if somehow Edward Leedskalnin was able to once again learn the strangest secrets that perhaps even to this day remain unknown to science in the mainstream. Secrets that if they got out, would change everyone's perspective on the world overnight.

Some people believe that the time is coming when science will be able to understand Coral Castle, the great feat that continues to deny conventional explanations.