Online Tutoring For Summer at an Affordable Price

Summer gift from EduwizardS to students! Eduwizards, a leading online tutoring company, feel delighted to announce that students can have unlimited tutoring for this summer by participating in an unlimited online tutoring program for their course for an affordable 49$ per month!

Any student from K-12 or college can avail this service. Tutoring for the course is being offered through online study sessions. During the sessions, student and tutor will come together online and have sessions. The flexibility of Online Tutoring allows student to decide the time by own choice for tutoring. Online Tutoring has become a preferred way of learning as it is free from constraints like transportation, time and distance. Also dedicated one-to-one sessions allow students to ask for clarification without any hesitation.

By enrolling into this unlimited tutoring programme a student can take as many sessions as required for enhancing or shaping his skills. Furthermore, unlimited tutoring programme is much beneficial for weaker students to clarify their doubts and work on their weakness by having interactive sessions with online tutors.

How unlimited online tutoring is helpful for me?

With unlimited online tutoring programme students have the great opportunity to fine tune their concepts. Also, a student can have assistance for assignment and homework by having sessions with online tutors.

In which subjects can I have Unlimited online tutoring?

Unlimited Tutoring is provided in following subjects:

For Grades K-8:

Mathematics � All

Reading and Writing (English) � All

Science � All

For Grades 9-12:

Mathematics � All

Reading and Writing (English) � All

Science � Biology

Science � Chemistry

Science � Physics

For College:

Science � Biology (General)

Science � Chemistry (General)

Science � Physics (General)

Mathematics � Algebra, Calculus I &II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics

Unlimited Online Tutoring is probably the best utilization of this summer holidays.

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