The Advantages of GMAT Coaching Over Self Study

There was a time when students appeared in GMAT solely based on self study. However, the growth of competition has the scenario. With millions of students taking GMAT every year, the size and magnitude of this global management test has changed by several times. Today, you just can't afford to base your studies on a few books. The concept of GMAT coaching came into existence because students found the need for a strong foundation for taking GMAT. Listed below are a few advantages of coaching offer self study.

1. Best tips and tricks: Coaching centers groom and nurture students with the best faculties and subject experts. You get guidance and training from the best experts of various business schools. As such, you get tricks and tips from reliable teachers who are experienced and well versed with imparting coaching.

2. Best Books and materials: Self study means you have to select everything on your own. This includes your study materials, books, sample papers and many more. With coaching, the entire task becomes easy as all the basic materials for GMAT are offered with the registration. You are not charged for the materials. However, do confirm with the coaching center prior to admission.

3. The time management factor: You need to manage time for every section while attempting the exam. GMAT is different from other management tests because you get separate frame of time for each section. While the analysis and writing section has 75 minutes, the other two sections namely quant and verbal have 45 minutes in total. There is an added option for a 10 minute break after every section. If you have taken a few mock tests, you must have realized the amount of time given in each section for GMAT is actually less. In such cases, you need to know tricks of saving time. Coaching centers teach the basics of time management to students, helping them to save time for further revision.

4. Help at hand: In self study, you have to rely on help books and study materials for solving questions. It will often occur that you won't find solutions to certain questions, and you will have no other option but to seek help from other students. With coaching, you have the help of subject experts, and you can refer to them for all needs.

5. Access to books and resources: Most popular coaching centers offer certain books and materials through library and internet for students to use. These books and materials can save a lot of your costs. You can access the materials right from your home or center, without having paid anything.

GMAT coaching is undoubtedly one of the best options for students. The best part of coaching is the fact that you can learn even from your home. There are distant online coaching courses available where you can learn 'live' from the classroom with materials couriered to you. At the end of the day, it's the right blend of self study and coaching that helps in getting a score over 700.