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"Are you thinking you should get out and find a job?! Join the queue!" This is not just a statement describing modern society, but one of the opening lines of 2Engage Performing Art's project University Challenge. University Challenge is a 50 minute show followed by a Question and Answer session, which promotes the accessibility to higher education, and is - with visiting approximately 90 schools over the last 3 years - one of the most popular shows of 2Engage.

2Engage Performing Arts Company was formed in the summer of 2004 with the ambition to use drama to engage, educate and entertain all audiences. They believe drama is a very beneficial way to educate people, because it is an extremely powerful tool for helping participants to better understand and experience situations.

Therefore it is not surprising that 2Engage's team is not only run by creative and talented individuals but by ambitious and fully qualified teachers, who are looking for ways to contribute to modern education in unique ways. They do this through performances, like University Challenge and their latest project Expecting More, which deals with teenage pregnancy, but also with interactive workshops that are designed to improve confidence and performance skills for students doing GCSE's, A-levels or degrees.

Over the years 2Engage has been working closely with numerous organisations like Catch22, Aimhigher, ADS, and Connexions to deal with contemporary issues. An example is one of their latest projects for which they made a low budget DVD with a group of children that raises awareness about Cyber-bullying.

Their services aren't limited to schools, but also involve Corporate Workshops. Businesses can ask 2Engage to help them improve customer communication - whether it's vocally or face-to-face - or for team building workshops. Their sessions aspire to make the staff work together, solve problems, make new connections and have a good time through interactive and entertaining exercises.

Curious about the Cyber-bullying DVD, or do you want to see a short video about their University Challengeperformance? Have a look at their website: , visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at 2_Engage. The website also contains more information about various other 2Engage Performing Art's projects and workshops. If you still have any questions or if you want more information, feel free to contact 2Engage.

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