Bee Academic Tutoring Expands Network of Tutors in Irvine

Education Family-owned tutoring company Bee Academic Tutoring is proud to announce that it’s expanding its network of qualified tutors in Irvine. Bee Academic Tutoring offers private in-home tutoring through its Long Beach tutoring center and throughout the greater Long Beach area. Its tutoring specialists now cover more subjects. College/university-level students can now also get help. Subjects covered include math, English, science, history, Spanish and more. Bee Academic Tutoring covers all levels of K-12th grade and assists students with college prep, SAT and other tests.

Tutors have a minimum of two years of experience teaching and/or tutoring one-on-one. They work on attitudes toward learning, promoting self-esteem and confidence, as they work on academic achievement. Tutors match each approach with the student’s unique needs. Students can get private in-home tutoring throughout the greater Long Beach area including Cerritos, Lakewood, Bellflower and Downey. It also offers tutoring in its Long Beach tutoring center. Tutors utilize children’s school curriculum including their textbooks, homework, worksheets and project assignments. They can contact teachers to make sure they align their efforts with what is going on in the classroom.

Bee Academic’s tutors are passionate about what they do as they work hard to help children succeed in the classroom and in life. “We strongly believe in the value of education and its role in creating a better society,” said owner Deborah Corona. “We change lives, one student at a time.” The family owned and operated company is one of California’s fastest growing tutoring companies.

How To Pass The GRE Exam

Since the corporate world has a stiff competition, everyone is finding ways to make their profile outstanding among the others. The best way to do this is by taking your MBA. This will give you a better opportunity of landing a beautiful career. However, taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not just a test of luck. It takes a great deal of preparation and a Herculean might to be emotionally prepared as well. Take into considerations the following tips in order to pass and get a beautiful score in the GRE exams.

After you have bravely pass the whole GRE Prep, there is no way you won't make it to the final GRE exam; the answer I guess boils down on who is well prepared emotionally and physically.

Calculating Perimeters


Sum of all the edges of the regular or irregular geometric shaped objects forms the perimeter of the object and the surface occupied by the object inside the edges is called as area of the object. We have formulas to calculate the perimeter of geometric shapes like square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezium, circle article helps us in calculating the perimeter of the given shapes.

Formulas Used for Calculating Perimeters of Various Geometrical Shapes:

Square: A square has four equal sides.

Perimeter of a square = a + a + a + a = 4a units where a is the side of the square

Rectangle: A rectangle has equal opposite sides. We call the two dimensions of the rectangle as length and width.

Perimeter of a rectangle = l + w + l + w = 2(l + w) units where l is the length of the rectangle and w is the width of the rectangle

Circle: It is a plane round figure with center. A circle is usually described with it's radius. Distance between the center of the circle and a point on the circumference of the circle is radius and two times the radius is called as diameter of the circle.

Circumference of a circle = 2?? r units where r is the radius of a circle

?? = 3.14 (constant)

Triangle: A triangle has three sides.

Perimeter of a triangle = (a + b + c) units where a, b and c are sides of the triangle.

These are the formula for calculating perimeters .

Problems on Calculating Perimeters:

Ex 1: Find out the perimeter of a square having a side of 4 cm?


Step 1: Write the formula.

Perimeter of a square, P = 4a

Step 2: Plug the given value in the formula.

a = 4cm

P = 4 * 4

= 16cm

Step 3: Write the solution.

Ans : Perimeter of a square is 16cm

Ex 2: Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 4 cm and width is 2 cm.


Step 1: Write the formula.

Perimeter of a rectangle, P = 2(l + w)

Step 2: Plug the given values in the formula.

l = 4cm,

w= 2cm

P = 2(4 + 2) = 2(6) = 12cm

Step 3: Write the solution.

Ans: Perimeter of a rectangle is 12 cm

Ex 3: Calculate the perimeter of a triangle whose sides are 6 cm, 3 cm and 5 cm.


Step 1: Write the formula.

Perimeter of a triangle, P = a + b + c

Step 2: Plug the given values in the formula.

a = 6 cm

b = 3 cm

c = 5 cm

P = 6 + 3 + 5 = 14cm

Step 3: Write the solution.

Ans: Perimeter of triangle is 14cm

Ex 4: Calculate the circumference of a circle with radius 6 cm?


Step 1: Write the formula.

Circumference of a circle, c = 2?? r units

Step 2: Plug the given values in the formula

r = 6 cm

?? = 3.14 (constant)

C = 2 * 3.14 * 6 = 37.68 cm

Step 3: Write the solution.

Ans: Circumference of a circle is 37.68cm

Preferred Web Design Styles

This season has witnessed many improvements in the web site design community.There's even a resurgence in interest in practices that weren't generally prompted.Speak to a Perth web design specialist for those who have distinct 's a list of the most frequent improvements we've experienced so far this current year:

*Large Images Now Acceptable for Backdrops-It was once advised against inside the website design online community.Enormous, intricate photographs were long thought to cause web page loading difficulties.Today's webmaster can enjoy a fresh increase in popularity of these once-shunned cosmetic factors.

*Get Creative with Domains-With the addition of numerous extension names, the choice for a website address is virtually endless.Webmasters aren't limited by the common 3: .org, .com and .net. Now, any title could be combined with .me, .biz, .info, .tv, or a host of others.

*Keep it simple-Color continues to be appreciated, but they should be employed within a basic color scheme.Think about Twitter.A highly synchronised, fundamental color scheme of 3-5 shades can do more than a total Flash website.

*Farewell Flash?Internet authorities have long warned in opposition to using Flash for your web site, that sage guidance is actually much more valid though it is not considered Flash will end up obsolete, website owners will be changing their focus to this innovative world slowly and gradually.

*Mobile Requirements Met-Website owners nowadays should think about the requirements of mobile plethora of different displays nowadays seems to be countless.People today are harnessing netbooks, mobile phones and tablet pcs to work with the no longer need a fully devoted web site to meet these requirements, nevertheless, you need to keep them under consideration when in your spot specifically designed for mobile technology, you should supply a hyperlink to the normal web experts have stated the mobile items listed just above will outsell even computers this current year.

*Employing Touchscreens-You could wish to implement liquid design technologies to allow touchscreens.Touchscreens today won't allow hyperlink hovering or the common drop-down selection technologies you may have.

*Prepare for Thumbnail Browsing-Google has already implemented the thumbnail technology in the search engine's means visitors no longer must go to the web site, they could see a thumbnail simply by hovering in Google.Remember this when working on your web site style and does it appear in dynamic form?Those with Flash intensive sites will encounter quite a few problems.

These guidelines have allowed much change to our internet within this year.Remaining up to date with new developments could make your internet design and style experiences contemporary and effective.

Online Tutoring & Mentoring – A Boon For Students

Internet, Video conferencing,Skype,Team viewer are some of the words associated with the university as well as school going students who are internet-savvy these days. All the above mentioned technical word assist or helps a person to give access or gain access to his/her computer remotely by sitting anywhere in the world. This not only means giving access but gaining access through internet and advanced technologies.

Given, the present era of globalization almost all the day to day activities ranging from business to education have been outsourced. When it comes to education many students, teachers and professors resort to internet. Gone are the days when we did our home assignments using bulk of papers and submitting on time to our school teachers or college professors. Now a day all the assignments are submitted online by typing it either on MS Word / MS Excel (in case of mathematics assignments).

With the advent of internet and advanced communication technologies many Online learning and tutoring companies have come up in numbers. Students and universities find it easy to approach online tutors and online education provider companies by the click of a mouse.

So as a mentor, online tutoring is a tough and a challenging task too. Online coaching experts should keep themselves abreast with the latest technologies and the online teaching methods. Since, students need assistance 24/7 during their exams they seek help from online tutors and online tutoring companies. In order to keep up with the students pace, online tutoring should be user friendly and it should be understandable by the student and not confusing. In order to make a student understand his query an online professional tutor should be flexible and deliver his content very clearly and make the student understand what he is delivering.

For example, if a student comes up with a problem in Mathematics or Statistics the online expert tutor should either make use of software's like Team viewer or Skype to give access to the student to the tutor's computer and show him how to solve a problem using either spreadsheet or other advanced statistical or mathematical tools like SPSS/SAS. This will not only build trust in the student but also a mutual understanding between the tutor and the student thus making the student satisfied.

Making use of advanced internet technologies and software's like Team viewer, Skype and Video conferencing helps the students to understand the subject clearly and also one of the strategies to market the tutors skills online. A satisfied student would spread word of mouth publicity to his friends and it would be beneficial for the online tutor to get more number of students.

Online Education Can Provide Fast Online Degrees

If you are a self-motivated person who is good at time management, eager to embrace new technology and need flexibility, programs offering online bachelor degrees are for you. Not only do students earn all kinds of degrees online today (from associates to doctoral), they can do it quickly ? and for less than half the cost of a four-year course of study at a traditional ?brick-and-mortar? university.

The keys to earning fast online degrees lie in advance planning and taking advantage of what you already know (or are willing to learn on your own). The College Level Examination Program ? predictably (in a field that cherishes its arcane acronyms) known as CLEP ? enables students to ?test out? of their entire lower division (or general educational requirement) coursework. The best part of this is that it can be done for about 10% of the cost of doing traditional coursework. It?s basically like getting an associate?s degree at a 90% discount! This program has been around for a long time, and is still used by military personnel and other professionals who need to pick up quick credits.

When earning degrees online, the only difference is that all interactions with the professor and classmates are done online, over the Internet. Course materials may be delivered over the Internet over via post. Typically, students working toward online bachelors degrees will listen to a professor?s lecture (which may be via podcast today), read assigned texts, then post comments to an online forum or discussion board which is monitored by the professor. The online student is usually required to reply to a certain number of classmates? comments. There may be group projects, and of course, term papers and exams are as much a part of earning degrees online as they are in a more traditional setting. Students may do all of this without ever leaving home, yet their classmates may be anywhere in the world ? yet another unique feature of online learning.

One of the great advantages of online bachelors degrees is the amount of resources offered by the Internet. Professors will usually provide their students with links to many other Internet resources in order to enhance and maximize learning.

If you are considering joining those who have obtained their degrees online but are not sure if this new way of learning is right for you, consider taking a non-credit or ?continuing education? course in a subject that has always interested These type of courses are typically not applicable toward online bachelor degrees; therefore, they are an excellent, low-pressure way for the prospective student to explore the possibilities of online learning and find out if they want to join those pursuing fast online degrees.

The Golden Rule For Giving Toys to Autistic Children

Gift giving for children with autism, a neural development disorder, can often be a daunting prospect, calling for a degree of sensitivity not normally associated with gift-giving to children.

Children with autism can have a host of development disorders. Language impairment to some degree is often a symptom of autism and frequently autistic children do not speak at all. Autism also prevents children from having normal social interactions. They don't have the same interests as their peers, even assuming they can communicate with them at all. And, because they are usually unable to correct interpret facial expression or cues, they are unable to respond appropriately in many social interactions.

If you are unfamiliar with autistic children and/or don't have the time to research a gift, the Golden Rule is to ask the parents.

Committed parents of autistic children are often involved in their children's lives to a degree that many of us might find unimaginable or even intolerable. They are aware of every expression, every behavior pattern, every response or lack of response. They spend hours coaxing their children in developing language skills, gross and fine motor skills, appropriate social interactions and in the basic routines of living. These wonderful men and women can tell you exactly what gift might be best for their child at this point in their development.

A word of advice. Don't be put off if the parent suggests what appears to be a too-young gift for their autistic child. Remember that the development of autistic children is atypical and gifts that may be age appropriate for a three-year-old might be exactly right for their ten-year-old.

Similarly, don't be put off if the parents suggest clothes instead of a toy. Clothes can always be used and may be welcomed in families whose resources are stretched by the demands of providing for autistic children.

In the last decade or so there has been an explosion of interest in autism and there are more resources available than ever before to learn about the syndrome and the special needs of these children. Nevertheless, identifying the right toy for an autistic child can be challenging. As you go about it, remember how much the families appreciate your interest. They will thank you for the effort, even if their child cannot.

Custom Flag By Way Of Screen Printing.

When custom flags are printed there are a few common techniques in the printing process they are screen printing by machine or hand or by digital imaging printing.

Custom flags are most commonly printed using the screen printing technique whereby a typical flag material such as woven polyester, knitted polyester or nylon us used.

First the artwork is created on a computer for the filming machine, so for example if the flag has 2 colors then there will be 2 films made from the filming machine 1 film for each color.

The film is then treated by light to make the printing plate, again if there were 2 colors in the custom flag design there would be 2 plates made, this technique is much the same as the old way to produce photographs using the negatives from a camera in a dark room.

The printing plate is also known as a halftone.

For the colors CMYK powder is used to make the PMS colors or CMYK colors they are mixed together by a machine such as 20%M, 30%C, 40%Y, 60%K then cataplasm is added and once the colors are mixed evenly they are ready to be used.

The flag material is then placed on a flat bed this can be on a machine for large quantities which is cheaper and quicker or a long flat bed top for small runs this way is by hand and each color is applied separately.

The plate is then screened where the color dye is applied evenly through the open spaces of plate onto the flag fabric below.

If screening by hand on the flat bed top which can be any size in length, the flat bed will have steam inside of it and the temperature is very high so when the screening takes place the first color dye will dry very quickly, then the other colors can be screened.

Printing by machine is different the machine is automatic and prints very quickly
all of the colors are printed in about 10-20 seconds because of the machines high pressure and at the end of the printing machine there is an oven, that dries the colors.

There are a total of 3 machines the flags go through:

High temperature machine to fix the color.
A washing machine is use to take out the dirty dye on the surface so the flag is only left with the good color.
The fixture machine is to make the fabric square again, as the washing machine changes the shape of the fabric.

There?s an insight to how custom flags are made and the process they have to go through to end up with a custom flag.

PMP Training The Way to Ultimate Growth

As everything logical in this world has some definite purpose behind it and for the completion of that purpose dedicated steps are taken by people. Same goes in the case of project management. It has a defined purpose, which explains the needs of managing a project in such a manner that company's resources are optimized effectively yet the targets are achieved and higher number of profit is generated. This is not an easy task and requires and a huge range of intelligent efforts to be lined up in supreme way so that complete and adequate steps can be taken. This highlights the requirement of project management courses, which are adequate platforms to make people learn about managing a project proficiently.

Most of the people, who want to know more about project management and are keenly interested in polishing their skills properly generally sign up for certified PMP training and courses. These courses are meaningful and worth joining if, they are provided by some certified source, where eligible and expert people are there to guide the learners. This process of learning and development can be fruitful if only someone has to go along with practical and intelligent guidance. The experts, who have years of experience in the project management industry suited perfect to guide the new entrants, for their skill set development.

Enrolling for best PMP training and courses has not remained a challenge anymore. Plentiful options are lined up to help the interested users and they can get perfect information about the same through internet. This is easier and reliable mode of getting almost every kind of information. The only this, which is suggested to new learners is to take a good research while selecting any learning destination. This helps them to get perfect returns on their money and helps them to learn in best ways.

Enrolling for suitable and reliable project management courses that can promise you best quality learning in the field of project management can be one of the perfect things to do in the series of shaping up a promising career. Only intelligent things are considered to be perfect in the world of competition and this competition is yet to go beyond the imaginations of mankind. There is a huge demand of well-learned and certified project managers in almost every industry and preference is given to those, who have taken training from a certified course center and learns effectively throughout the tenure to implement in better manner.

Contact Peak Consulting For Efficient Informatica Training

In today's global economy, a lot of companies are facing complex challenges related to large datasets. If you are one of them, get in touch with Peak Consulting. The staff of this company has a team of trusted system integrators, implementation specialists and advisors who provide efficient solutions for data warehousing, ETL, reporting fields, data migration, data integration and data quality. The practical solutions provided by the experts are optimum for making informed decisions, optimizing IT effectiveness and improving overall business performance.

Peak Consulting provides ETL as service through multi-tenant and hosted data integration platforms that are designed to meet requirements of a variety of BPO, ITO and SaaS service providers. The users can easily integrate data across different outsourcing companies and on the premise applications without really installing any software. You can look forward to a secured data through contemporary tools that obfuscate and encrypt data migration to off site locations for processing.

If you wish to polish your employee's skills, Peak Consulting offers different courses that assist in training your employees in the best possible way. There is a plethora of courses ranging from advances, intermediary to advanced training courses according to your needs. Your employees can be provided informatica training on complex data exchange, data quality, PowerExchange and PowerCenter. Competent training in oracle database, for SAP job, Talend Open Studio, ETL tools, cognos reporting and planning along with data modeling and warehousing theory is provided by the experts of this company too. Informatica job can be performed effectively with the training programs offered by Peak Consulting.

Companies these days need to evaluate data from a number of sources including legacy, unstructured and structured systems. All these organizations do consider data warehouse services. Mostly business intelligence solutions inculcate data warehouse for the information needs. With growing technicality and complexity in environment, there is an immediate need for centralizing information at a single place using common definitions and terminology for proving a single version of truth.

Your company will be completely satisfied by associating with Peak Consulting. Range of datawarehousing services adds to delight of your company. These services include data cleansing and profiling, SAP migration, data modeling, report implementation and designing, performance, tuning and OLAP. PowerCentre Informatica training imparted by professionals of this company, can help your personnel to perform tasks in much better way.

The in house toolkits available with Peak Consulting help its professionals to deliver real insights into your challenges for making immediate improvements in the systems of your company. As your company develops in house expertise, it is important for your company to have assistance from fine practices and experienced Peak Consulting professionals for validating your work and also PowerCentre informatica training your staff to use the latest techniques and to enhance their business intelligence. Prepare your personnel and systems for deployment

Efficient candidates for SAP job, informatica jobs, experienced consultants, trainers, software architects can find work at Peak Consulting. Candidates with relevant experience in projects costing evaluation, Informatica Powercenter, regulator compliances, SAP migration will be given advantage.