Overcoming The Troubles of Selective Learning

A learning gap is the existing gap between the identified knowledge and skills of learners and the knowledge or skills that they will need to complete the learning curve. It is evident that many students get through exams with qualifying grades just to be able to move to the next level or class. In the process they have gaps in their learning as a result of 'selective learning'. They learn exactly what they feel is necessary and leave out what they find difficult. This is also largely due to the way assessments are structured. This approach does not help in the long run as they will need a combination of skills to solve complex problems. Therefore learning gaps need to be identified to help students achieve complete learning.

Online tutoring meets this need by identifying difficulties or incomplete areas in learning.There are ways of identifying learning gaps. The tutor needs to make a note of questions that were not answered properly. Then he/she needs to identify patterns in the nature of questions raised by students. There is also a direct method that can be achieved by interacting with students through emails where specific difficulties are pointed out by the students. Also keep in mind the existing knowledge and skills of students and establish a logical correlation between the existing level of knowledge and the desired level of learning. Find out what the students wish to achieve by outlining their expectations. There are patterns in learning difficulties. For instance some students may have predictable difficulties in statement problems. Then the tutor can craft a strategy by which this difficulty can be overcome.

The unique nature of individual difficulties in learning is a matter of research in the field of education. The strategies are practical ways by which these predictable issues are assessed. Learning difficulties may be different in various walks of life but they usually can be identified both by observation and interaction. The method of observation is helpful in kinaesthetic activities as difficulties can be observed in real time. For this demonstrations are needed in a controlled environment. In the case of abstract problem solving as in Mathematics or pure sciences problems need to be presented and time needs to be given for students to think and come back when difficulties are encountered. In History and descriptive subjects learning gaps can be identified by discussions and debates as well. Your online tutors identify your learning gaps through the methods mentioned so that your learning can be complete and comprehensive. Achieve complete learning equilibrium with online help.

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